Ananda Yatra – Sharanagati at Rameshwaram

As I moved forward in the queue to see the deity, an inexplicable surge of emotion overwhelmed me. I was at the Kothandaramar Temple at Rameshwaram where Vibheeshana had come to Lord Rama seeking refuge. Incidentally it was also the temple Swami Vivekananda had visited after his historic trip to Chicago. The whole environment of the temple was soaked in the vibe of sharanagati. The desolate surroundings of Dhanushkodi gave it an otherworldly feeling. There was a very distinct vibrational quality to the place. It was possibly one of the most profound experiences of my life. One may even call it life changing. In a sense it was fitting that I was with my Guru and fellow disciples at a place of such significance.

Recently I along with a few of my fellow disciples embarked on a journey with our Guru where we visited a few important pilgrimages in south India. It was a transformative experience for all of us which I am sure we will remember for a very long time. More than the powerful energy of these ancient temples, it was the presence of an enlightened master which was the highlight of the trip. There were many things which happened during the course of this trip; some of them so outlandish that the rational mind would really not be able to grasp.

The temples in south India are really something else. They are designed for specific spiritual purposes. It is an amalgamation of ancient technology and art to create something which is awe inspiring to say the least. Centuries of invasions have left this land bereft of many of these ancient marvels. South India and Tamil Nadu in particular has been fortunate to still retain some of the magnificent powerhouses where traditions of worship have continued unbroken for thousands of years. If one is receptive enough and is able to access the shakti that flows through these kshetrams, they will be blown away by what is on offer. Travelling with a master is like a shortcut hack for this access. I don’t know what happened, but visiting temples had never felt like this earlier. Although to really confess, I don’t know how much was the impact of these places and how much was of being in presence of the Guru. Even our scriptures repeatedly say that all the pilgrimages are to be found at the feet of the master.


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