Ananda Yatra – A Near Miss & Srirangam

The time was 5:30pm. We were almost running through the world’s largest functioning Hindu temple worried that we would miss the darshan as it was almost closing time.It would be a pity to miss it now having travelled so far. Just a couple of hours earlier we had been saved from a massive catastrophe. We missed a gruesome accident on the highway, a 7 car pile up by 5 minutes. Before that incident, Guruji had sensed something and had been repeatedly telling our driver to stop the car and take a break. The driver thought to stop after some time as we had a lot of ground to cover. Then Guruji deliberately stalled and delayed at a refueling station when the driver stopped to fill diesel. That saved our lives on that day. Even seeing something like that can change and shift one’s perspective on life. We all know we are mortals, but we live as if we have forever.

We had planned to go from Rameshwaram to Chidambaram that day. Midway through the drive we felt that we should go to Srirangam. It would mean an additional 2 hours on the road which would mean we would possibly reach Chidambaram only by 11 pm. Srirangam has the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple dedicated to a form of Lord Vishnu. It is a large and beautiful temple and the place is replete with the vibrational quality of centuries of worship. We arrived at 5:25pm and the darshan timings would get over in 5 minutes. We went in the temple wondering if we would find the door of the garbha griha shut. Although in hindsight we should have known that something like this will not happen since one is in the company of such a master. We were almost the last ones in to see Ranganatha, the reclining form of Maha Vishnu. It was a wonderful experience of feeling thankful in the presence of Guru & God; the gratitude magnified by the close shave a while ago.


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