Kriya Yoga…sedimentation of impurities

Sedimentation : stillness separates water from impurities

In my experience the most powerful and sustained personality changes for me have happened when I was not really aware of them happening. They happened below the surface of my conscious mind, sparked by an idea or an inspiration taking root in the unseen,murky depths of my subconscious mind. Many of us feel that the personality is an unchanging rigid entity, whereas it is quite the opposite. There is constant change beneath the surface, new ideas and experiences which sometimes tear down or reinforce the aspect of one’s personality. While there are certain preferences which we may have towards certain things from childhood, it is quite possible to reprogram the same. Most of the time it happens unconsciously, e.g. when certain verbal or body language tics get imprinted on us from someone else without our knowledge. Sometimes it may happen as a conscious choice e.g. when we role model cues from a sportsperson or an actor. Trauma can also sometimes play a role in the same.The sum total of all these things result in what we know as personality.

In this post I will share from my experience and my understanding on how I feel that Kriya Yoga can help in making this change a conscious and simple process. Although trying to elaborate on an experiential subject like this is fraught with limitations, I will try and use an analogy to illustrate my understanding.

From psychology we know that thoughts become actions and actions over time become habits. I had a very unproductive habit of worrying about the past and future. This while useful many times in the context of work was affecting my quality of life as my mind used to always be anxious. Sometimes it would be anxiety about where I stand amongst my peers and sometimes it would be worrying about the reaction from my manager. This anxiety was unproductive and my mind used to run in loops and end up chasing its own tail. Anxiety became ingrained in my personality. Things came to such a pass that I was anxious about being anxious!!

Today I can say that there are only a few instances where I feel anxious and that too is more of a controlled and planned anxiety to suit the tasks I am trying to do. This has happened so under the surface and so gradually that I did not even know when I stopped worrying about things. All of us are constantly fretting and worrying about doing and not just being. It is like a jar of muddy water which is continuously getting stirred in the hope that it becomes clear. All that is needed to let is be for some time and the sediment settles at the bottom. The Guru helps facilitate this process of personality’s sedimentation by enabling stillness of the shishya through meditation.

Modern behavioral sciences have a lot of catching up to do as based on my first hand experience I can confidently state that for sustainable, effortless personal transformation nothing beats the path of Kriya yoga with guidance from a brahma nishta Guru. The Guru’s shakti works mysteriously and when supported with regular devotion and kriya practice of the shishya, it can work miracles in terms of personal transformation .


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