Thoughts on Guru Purnima day

In Eternal debt to Guruji

The day of Guru Purnima is extremely significant for all of us treading the path of self-realization. Today the Guru tattva flows unbound and unfettered, like a torrential river of grace bringing salvation to all blessed enough to perceive it. The Guru does not care for his own needs. His only concern is how to enable others to experience this possibility. For this he may adopt various methods and means and even undergo personal difficulties. His only goal is to enable others to awaken and realize their true self.

As I sit writing this post on this Guru Purnima day of 2019, I am going to try and share my experience of my Guru. It can only be an experience, as it is so subjective that it is beyond the scope of any language. Trying to express the limitless through a limited form is always a challenge. However I will give it a go.

Dazed and lost with endless wandering
Trying to understand through pondering
That which is beyond mind and thought
It is something which money never bought
Never knew the endless joy within
The end of all misery and suffering
Till the time the spark did not light
everything was as dark as the night
Dawn happened when the master came
Nothing ever was again the same
Grace showered like a ever flowing stream
The soul flowered and came out of the dream
This debt for sure can never be repaid
Even if all the world at his feet be laid
A rebirth for me it has been
Blaze of truth I have finally seen…..

Dedicated to my Guru – Acharya Amaresh Shastri


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